New Favourite Beauty Products // Fake Tan & More!

I never thought I could be the girl that wore fake tan all the time and risked being mistaken for having chicken nugget ankles (as my dad would say), am I the only one? I never had the money to spend on regular tanners and all the bits in between, I ended up just borrowing my mums instead! Through the last few years, I’ve tried out SO many different tanners from cheap to pricey, I never found that the product actually lived up to the hype you see all over the internet. However, while I was dying my hair a very dark glossy brown for this years autumn (yearly tradition I have ok), I decided to borrow yet another one of mums tans, and this one read “Skinny Tan Express Mousse” on the front in a rather jazzy, black and white print. It definitely looked interesting and the descriptions were to the point, which I loved! I never actually did what the directions said, I didn’t exfoliate prior to tanning but I did moisturise on my elbows, knees etc. I had no tanning kit (left that at the boyfriends ugh) so I just applied one pump into my hands and went straight to my legs and applied it like a normal tanner. The immediate thought was “wow, this tan is dark as hell..” But it does blend in nicely after a while. After applying it all over my body and not knowing whether there were obvious bits I missed, I just let it dry and carried on with my evening routine.


The great thing this tan does is that within an hour, it was already darkening. Waiting two or three hours, I was bronzed and I was SO happy there were no streaks! Because I felt like being a bronzed goddess lol, I left it on overnight (which the directions do say you can), and ohhhh wow! I woke up and my legs looked SO baked and gorgeous. The tan did not transfer and it gave me serious results..! This particular tan comes in at around £28, it lasts for a long time as both my mum and I have been using it for a few months now, but I’m 100% going to try out other Skinny Tan products because I am very impressed. The smell isn’t potent either (nick didn’t complain that much) and the product is infused with coconut and contains soothing oils that firm the skin but also creates an even coating of the tan itself. I’m no expert in tan application but if you make sure to concentrate less on the dryer spots on your body then you can’t go far wrong! So I really do encourage you, if you’re lost in the world of tanners like I was, then seriously give this a go. Skinny Tan also do a tanning mitt which mum uses and she fully recommends it as it’s super soft and enables the tan to glide onto the skin easily (without disintegrating). I now apply it every 2-3 days on mostly my legs and arms but even a light coating on the face it’s bronzing and gorgeous!!

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Makeup Collection

I was using my dark Sleek foundation all over summer, but I wanted something a bit lighter for the colder months as my face is fairly pale now. I ended up using my ASOS A-lister voucher and paid a grand total of £1 for the Ordinary (that’s the name of the brand) serum foundation in the shade 1.2P! I mix it in with the Sleek foundation as my body is currently very tanned but together they create the PERFECT all-around shade for this autumn/winter. The Ordinary foundation is very runny in consistency, it comes out like water, but when it’s advertised as a light, serum foundation it’s almost expected, but be prepared! There is a huge variety of shades and I went for a pink undertone  – 1.2P and I’m really chuffed with the outcome! I realise most go for a heavy foundation in winter, but I’m going to stick with mixing mine as it’s inexpensive and I think it has the perfect blend and density for my skin tone!

I have also chose to stick with combining my Benefit and Clinique mascara for the lashes. I have re-stocked myself with these for the next few months! I have also included my new No.7 mini travel size makeup brushes which are super soft and perfect especially when planning my birthday trip to London, and most especially when going to-and-fro the boyfriends house! I have included my Clinique Chubbystick sculpting highlight but I don’t use this on the cheeks, I find it perfect to dab on my cupids bow for a soft glamorous glow.


My Mac Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette is evidently GORGEOUS and full of rich, warm tones perfect for autumn/winter. There are copper hues, deep browns and burgundy’s and I couldn’t resist including this in my autumn collection. I may do a nice smokey, shimmery eye when I’m on my birthday weekend in London with these gorgeous colours, they give me all the glam vibes. LOVE!


I uploaded this flat lay I took today on my Instagram and I briefly spoke about the connection I’ve had with Clinique growing up. My mum is never seen without wearing a Clinique product. That’d be from their dramatically different moisturiser, longwear foundation, eyeshadow, chubby stick.. you get the idea. When mum would go to her usual counter and speak to her usual Clinique sales assistant, she’d always become eligible for a GOODIE bag! Which is where I’d sit quite comfortably, basically being handed mini travel size freebies!! This month, I feel so excited as they have included their superfine brow liner which I’ve been using to draw in very fine, individual hairs throughout my brows and it’s exactly what I wanted in addition to my Sleek Brow kit. They always include my go-to and probably mostly worn mascara – the high impact mascara. I’m also lucky to be given mini pots of their moisture surge moisturiser and usually an eye cream. If my skin is looking dry, I often dab a bit of these gel moisturisers on as they’re so lightweight and refreshing to my face, by maintaining the soft natural glow to my skin!

Clinique also do THE MOST AMAZING travel cosmetic bags. I have tonnes of them from small sleek pouches that fit easily in my bag, or to their usual medium sizes and they often collaborate with a designer to keep the branding looking fresh, modern and expensive (which I like). I have had their bags which feature designers and artists like Marimekko, Kapitza, Jonathan Adler and many more:


(If anyone knows how to remove the blue background to my posts then please contact me over on my contact page or comment down below!!)

E xx

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