20 Facts About Me!

Hello beautiful people!

I have recently asked on my insta stories what top 20 things would people like to know about me! So I have taken some time to answer these questions and turned them into facts (although they may not be riveting facts) so I hope you enjoy!

“When is your birthday?”

8th November, I was born in 2000!

“What goals do you have on Instagram?”

Now this question is a good one, I’m not an Instagram expert and I’m in no rush to excel with my following and likes. At first, I was set to get as much of an audience as possible but it’s only been 2 months since starting everything so my closest and most realistic goal is to reach 1,000 followers. I’m just over half way so I think it’s a good goal!

“How tall are you?”

I’m 5’8! And I have been for a VERY long time it feels haha.

“Who is your boyfriend?”

My boyfriend Nick is now 20, he’s half-Italian which is so cool, he’s a regular footballer, he is currently doing engineering and he’s my best friend and truly amazing!

“How did you get into fashion?”

I have tried to answer this question in my ‘Why I started blogging’ blog post recently, but to sum it up, I’ve always loved fashion and when I left Sixth form, I just pursued it to the best of my ability as fashion is my expression and I wanted to write about it!

“What GCSE’s did you get”

When undergoing my diagnosis for my heart, I did have to face the gruelling exams back in 2017 and I ended up with 6 A’s, 6 B’s and 1 A* and some other BTECs in between! I was chuffed to bits with my results but some I wish I’d done better!

“What did you study/are you studying?”

At GCSE, I chose PE, music, tech and geography as my additional subjects. I left Sixth form after my first year of studying English Literature, Biology and Government and Politics. I was doing really well in them apart from biology, I’d just mentally let that go and decided to pursue a career in Marketing! I’m now waiting to start my Digital Marketing apprenticeship and hopefully will get a degree at the end of it!

“Where are you ticklish?”

Haha! This one made me chuckle, I’m really ticklish on my feet and if nick even dares to tickle them then there will be trouble…

(I used to have nightmares that someone chained my feet so I couldn’t move and they just tickled them continually until I woke up thinking I’d died hahaha)

“Hows it going with your blog?”

This is a nice question, my blog is going really well! Now that Nicks gone to work and that, it’s been harder to shoot outfits and things, but I’m actually surprising myself with the content I am creating so I’m happy!! My audience are also really engaging so I couldn’t be more chuffed with myself!!

“What’s your cats name?”

Now I tend to feature my cat on my Insta stories quite a bit, her name is Inca and she’s roughly 8 now! She’s super fluffy and cuddly, I love cats.. I’d easily be the crazy cat lady if people let me..

“What’s your favourite sport and who’s your favourite team?”

I grew up playing sports all the time! I did athletics, road cycling, netball, football, basketball and rugby and I LOVED it! I competed loads and wish I took it more seriously as a profession but now I don’t really do much, mostly because I’ve been recovering from my heart surgeries. But I have recently got into the Premier League which I never used to like watching. Nick supports Arsenal and I’m warming very much to Man City as my team… oops!

“Sweet or savoury?

Sweet. Chocolate. Cake. Biscuits. yummmm!

“What 5 things could you not live without?”

1. Nick

2. My cat

3. Clothes

4. Chocolate

5. Cleaning products.. more specifically my duster!

“Do you have any siblings?”

Nope 😦

“What’s your favourite brand?”

I have lots of favourite brands but I have always loved Gucci in particular, and I will do a favourite brands post one day!

“Dream car?”

My dads a bit of a petrolhead but I’ve grown up admiring Aston Martins, Jaguars and Range Rovers. I will hopefully own a Jag F-type one day… ahhhh!

“What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?”

Hmmm, Ferrero Rocher for definite.

“Favourite colour?”

I don’t really have a favourite colour that shines above the rest but I do love wearing dusty pinks and deep reds/burgundy’s

“Favourite TV show?”

Made in Chelsea 100%

“What is your biggest fear?”

Well I don’t actually think I can say my BIGGEST fear as I feel there will be someone that’d try and wind me up as a laugh, but I’ll say that another fear I have is the extent of damage us humans have on our oceans and climates, and how people are still living in poverty and awful conditions in the world. I wish there was more I could do to help and it scares me as we just take from people but not a lot give back, and with my experience, karma IS a thing and as a result, I don’t know what’ll happen in the future for us!

Be sure to check out my Insta!

E xx

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