The Trends I love All Year Round!


Denim, denim and more DENIM!

I think we all wear jeans and at least have a denim jacket somewhere in our wardrobes; they’re everybody’s go-to surely!? As autumn approaches, denim jackets are all I’ve worn and most likely will continue to.

Double denim was never something I thought I could pull off, but I took the plunge and wore it recently for a day out with the family and the amount of “OMG you look like you belong in the 80’s” comments I got from them were a record.. I suppose it’s not a bad thing, and it sort of makes me wish I was born in the 80’s as this trend is super edgy! It’s 100% worth experimenting with, I love it. The jacket featured above is actually my lovely nan’s, as she generously gave me a few gorgeous items she’d had sat in her wardrobe for a little while! So I recommend, go and raid your nan’s wardrobe. You’re bound to find chunky knit and denim heaven..


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Trainers GALORE

As the colder months approach, I’m going to be styling my sneakers with structured coats and flowy, chiffon maxi skirts to add that edgy look I like to a winter outfit. Although I usually see myself being obsessed over elegant and classy pieces, trainers are ALWAYS my go-to for daily wear (or until I can afford Gucci loafers and then I’ll be doing a blog on how amazing they are instead lol)

I’ve bought many pairs of trainers and I still own way too many, but I love to wear my black high top Converse with black jeans, a plain tee and a long structured coat to make my outfit look business-casual. They are what I wear in the colder months as the colour and tightness around the ankle elongate my legs and make them look slimmer, I think, while also being super comfy! My favourite trainers at the moment are:

Reebok Classic trainers (white)

Converse High Top (black)

Pull & Bear pumps (white)

Puma Fierce (black)

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Layered Necklaces

My third and final 365 day trend has to be layered necklaces ever since Lydia Elise Millen spoke about Astrid & Miyu’s elegant layered necklaces and stackable earrings.. they’re gorgeous. Trust me..

So I ended up purchasing a cheaper alternative from ASOS which was already layered and looks stunning! The quality will inevitably be lacking in cheap alternatives as the colour of the chain does wear off, but paying £3 for necklaces and getting so much wear out of them is a no brainer, really. I wear multi-necklaces over jumpers, with camis, dresses, tee’s etc etc. Literally everything goes with them. Changing up the colours and pattern are super easy and affordable and I will NEVER stop buying them…!!

Please feel free to follow my Pinterest (ellenlouisemills) and Instagram (ellen_louise_mills) to see how I style all my clothing day-to-day!

E xx

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