10 Things To Do When Boredom Strikes

Hello Lovelies!

So for todays post, I thought I’d give you 10 great tips on how to tackle being bored. It’s slightly different from the normal content I go for but a bit of variety never hurt anyone! With the summer holidays now coming to an end, I realise I may be a tad late on this post but hopefully the tips will benefit you ALL year round, I hope you enjoy!!

1: Camera Roll. I love this idea as I ALWAYS forget how much crap I have on my photo album. I remember when I got my first ever iPhone 5 and how anal I was about how many pictures were acceptable on it. I wouldn’t go over 100 and now with an iPhone 7, I have over 2,500… So, I start right from the very beginning and just favourite the images I want and then go back through and delete the rest (or transfer them to a computer, laptop or CD even!). It takes no more than 10 minutes, so go and do it before you forget!!

2: Makeup. I like to go through my makeup collection and find which products I’ve had longer than its expiry date or stuff I no longer use. I feel so much better after it’s all cleared out and then I can look at restocking old products or I can spend hours standing in Boots getting stressed excited over trying out the new!

3: Moisturise. Nourishing your skin is so vital if you want to look and feel better. I love to pamper my skin daily with my Dove gradual tanning moisturiser before I go to bed. I sometimes forget (or can’t be bothered) so when I’m spending my average Saturday morning binge watching Jeremy Kyle, I like to spend that time making my skin feel hydrated and refreshed!

4: Hair & Makeup. Sometimes, even after a shower, I still feel pretty dull, especially if the weathers miserable, so to tackle this boredom, I like to spend a bit of time doing my makeup and hair just to feel more ready for the day. I feel makeup has a power to change my mood very quickly so I’d recommend experimenting, even if you’re not planning on going out! It may not be a tip you’d try out, and I don’t always want to wear foundation but when the time’s right, I feel a massive difference in how my day turns out.

5: Design a website/blog! This tip is how I started officially producing content. It may not be something you enjoy but for those who feel a creative streak in them that wants to be released, design your ideal blog! I started by jotting down my interests, aims, audience, voice, inspiration, colours and themes and built up my own personalised content. I found it really enjoyable and I 100% recommend you giving it a go because you never know what might happen!

6: Drink. When I get in them lazy “ohh I can’t be bothered” moods, I usually find that I’m dehydrated without realising it, especially when I get a sudden headache. To me, water is massively underrated. I used to despise it growing up, I was religious about apple & blackcurrant squash.. never water on its own. But now I’m getting older, I love a fresh glass of water and ice! If I’m tempted to raid the kitchen cupboards for biscuits then I just get a drink as I find it’s really what my body is craving, and after a few pints (of water), I’m much more awake and lively during the day.

7: Going through emails. It is a boring in it’s own right but instead of sitting on social media for hours, I like to be a little more productive and organise my emails into importance. I normally archive unnecessary ones but they don’t get deleted straight away so spend a little bit of time organising them as I’m sure you’ll feel some sort of reward at the end of it! (If you haven’t got regular emails coming in, then subscribe to my blog down below for email updates when I post! Cheeky aren’t I..)

8: Get some fresh air. I love this tip as it’s the secret to mindfulness. I don’t need to ramble on about it too much as we all know what air is like, but I know what being cooped up indoors can do to your brain so sit outside, go for a walk or if you’re extremely energetic, which I’m not, then go for a run or bike ride and feel what’s around you, I believe it’s super important!

9: Get rid of unwanted clothes. I have two double wardrobes filled with clothes (not to mention what’s in the loft..) and a lot of them I don’t wear but find excuses to avoid going through them, so sometimes I sit on my bed, stare at them like a sack of potatoes and start to pick out what I will send to charity or dump. After the hours of what I thought would be a ten minute job, I feel so much more relaxed and rewarded (sometimes I even end up going through every single draw in my bedroom so I finish with thousands of full bin liners.. oops).

10: Try out new apps. When I’m bored and just sit on my phone, I forget about all the games I loved growing up, so I have created a list of games that you may love to play! (I let my inner child self go to town on this tip):

  • Wordsearch
  • Sims Freeplay
  • Sudoku
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon
  • Tetris
  • Temple Run
  • Snake
  • Subway Surfers
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Labyrinth
  • Doodle Jump
  • Hill Climb Racing

E xx

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